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Your export journey is about to be transformed

Export Connect’s latest product will make exporting easier and more accessible than ever. Sign up to receive firsthand updates about our launch and take control of your export journey. 

Learn more about the Export Connect Portal’s features below

As Featured in the Australian Financial Review

Valuable export insights, at your fingertips

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Market Reports

Select the best markets for your products by analysing key insights and data including economic indicators, demographic and consumer trends, channel developments and market access requirements.

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Competitor Reviews

Know the competitive landscape and pitch your unique selling proposition to buyers by reviewing competitor brands, product claims, pricing, country of manufacture, product packaging and product images.

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Trade Data

Further understand the competitive landscape by identifying the top 10 source countries for your products for each market that you are assessing.

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Export Tutorial & Forum Videos

Build your export market capability and knowledge by watching content specifically designed for food & agribusinesses that include topics and buyer interviews that are relevant to new and experienced exporters.

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Resources & Tools 

Plan for your export success by utilising spreadsheets, templates and checklists that include the market selection table, export pricing model and distributor performance audit.

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Advisory Service

Save time and money in developing your export market goals and strategies by accessing an industry leader with over 25 years of export market development experience.

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